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Posters, Billboards, Slogans, Placards

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These special offers are available for a limited time

Wechat English Group

If you want to learn English with an English teacher, and you use Wechat Red Envelopes (红包), for 30RMB you can participate in a 2 hour Group English Class.

qr code promotion

1. Scan the QR Code

2. Enter the Promo Code "RED3"

3. Wait for the teacher to add you to a group

4. Send a Red Envelope (红包)

5. Begin class

* Group classes run for 2 hours and need a minimum 6 students for classes to commence.

Custom T-Shirts

custom t-shirts

"长得一个国外样子, 内在是中国人"

If you buy one month of services, we will send a custom-made t-shirt for free. Alternatively, you can buy one from our Wechat online shop.


Lessons are conveniently provided in an online, mobile environment.

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Group WeChat Classes

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